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The Interval Circuit program is fun and very easy to follow. The moves are simple and do not require rhythm. It is an enjoyable 45 minute overall conditioning program which combines stretching and resistance training with 2 minute intervals of easy to follow, mild cardio work and finishes with a floor work segment for lower body conditioning & relaxation.

The Interval program is very flexible & easily adapted to match your individual fitness level.

This weight bearing exercise program can help you to manage your weight, control type II diabetes, prevent and or reverse the effects of osteoporosis, improve your balance & cardiovascular condition, increase your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness level.

Great music, Fun and Easy to follow ! Finally a workout with music that you will look forward to doing.

( For women 1 or 2 lb. hand weights are recommended, but not required, to start with, for men 2 to 5 lb. hand weights are recommended.)

Whether you are over 50 or over 60 years young, this program can help you to improve & maintain your quality of life. The sooner you get started the better... Order now and your program will be shipped tomorrow. It's that easy to Be Fit Over Fifty...You Can Do it.

  Interval Circuit Program
Interval Circuit Training DVD
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Customer Comments -
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Dear Susan,

Your customer service is flawless. I got my dvds (Interval, Cardio & Tone) and have been using them for the last two weeks. THANK YOU!!

They are such a nice blend of strength, flexibility and cardio for me. I love that I am making my knees stronger without stressing them....... It is THE ideal workout for any person who wants to take care of themselves.*

Laurie B
Colorado Department of Public Health, Denver

Dear Susan,

I've been using the "Interval Circuit Program" for a few weeks now.  What I like about it the most, is that it is a complete 45 min. workout,  each move goes right into another without any wasted time.  I feel like I've accomplished something when I've completed the workout.  I'm looking forward to using this DVD for a very long time. *

Napa Valley, Ca

Dear Susan,

I bought the Interval Circuit program and love it.
I live where I would rather not walk, so the video is what I was looking for.

At 59 I have Osteoporosis & value the information enclosed with your product.*

Linda K.
Lincoln, NE

To BeFitOverFifty,

My wife loves your Interval DVD.....

Thanks for your prompt & efficient service.*
Mike T.
Oliver, AL BC

The Interval circuit training video is great!*
Thanks a lot.

Naples, FL

I'm only 33 but overweight, I could not keep up with all the other videos (I tried) or they just killed my joints. I love this (Interval Circuit) video so much I'm getting two others (Cardio & Tone)*
b. p
Woodbridge, VA

Dear Susan,
I have three of you work out tapes; Interval Circuit Training, Tone & Sculpt, and Cardo-strengthening. I and some friends get together and work out. We are very happy with your tapes.
Our group is an active over Fifty.. if you.. come up with a new tape please let me know.*

Thank you.
Ellen M
Northport, FL

Just did your Interval DVD for the first time. LOVED IT!!!!!!! Can't wait to tell my friends.*

Sheila K.
Brooklyn, NY


The Interval video is great. Not very complicated but yet still a challenge for me.*

Emma V.
Kelowna, BC

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